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Choose your own side

“He (or she) is….”

“…an athlete.”

“…an artist.”

“…a vegan.”

“…an omnivore.”

“…a republican.”

“…a democrat.”

“…a scientist.”

“…a mystic.”

Black or white. Red or blue. We like putting people into camps, and pressuring them to choose a side. Binary is easy. It saves us time.

We also like to fit in. And at times we choose the side of our peers to avoid conflict or judgement, or merely to avoid the responsibility of making our own choice.

But human beings are not binary.

We are uniquely individual. Of the billions of humans who have ever lived, no two have the same story.

And we change.

We can choose to fall in line and accept life as binary.

Or, if we’re brave, we can choose our own side.