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The bamboo tree

There is a species of bamboo which grows very little for the first 3 years after it is planted.

During this time, the attentive gardiner shows up every day.

To water it, care for it, nurture it.

Yet nothing appears.

The thing is that during these formative years, the growing happens underground. Roots spread, and form a living foundation. Then, when it is finally ready, the tree shoots skyward, reaching its full height in a single season.

90 feet in 6 weeks. Nearly 2 feet per day.

Some facets of our physiology change very slowly: the mobility of our joints, the connective tissue in our fingers.

It is tempting to change the program when we hit a plateau.

A question worth considering:

“Am I being a negligent gardener, or am I simply growing my roots?”

*Plant enthusiasts will challenge that bamboo is a grass, which is correct. “The Bamboo Grass” just doesn’t have the same ring to it…