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Get out of the rut

It’s hard to walk away from a path you’ve invested in.

You considered your information, thought through your options, and had conviction in your decision. You were convinced this path would take you where you want to go.

But if it isn’t working now, it doesn’t make sense to treat your path like it’s a rut. You’re not stuck. Nothing is forcing you to continue down your chosen course. You’ve become wiser, you have new information, and you can step off this path and choose something better.

It’s hard to accept sunk cost.

But the cost of starting over is less than the cost of sticking with a path that isn’t working.

And it’s hard to say, “I was wrong.”

But you weren’t wrong, you were simply underinformed. Based on what you knew, you made a reasonable decision and you learned something.

Underinformed decision —> nonideal outcome —> new information —> better decision.

The new path won’t be perfect. But it will be better than staying stuck in a rut.

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