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Don’t throw your shoes

We all fail. We all get frustrated.

A burst of anger, or a shouted swear word… these actions tell a story:

I tried. I became vulnerable. I was really close but it didn’t work out. I am frustrated, because I care.

This is natural: a release of emotional steam.

But a prolonged outburst, one that is long enough to form a list of excuses, or to remove and throw a shoe… this tells a different story:

I was cheated. Something was taken from me. I deserved to send, and I am grieving my loss. I am merely unlucky.

Choosing this attitude does nothing but further delay our success. Because if we believe we’ve been cheated by a piece of rock, or been given the short stick by some predestined fate, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. The attempt is over. The effort gone. The skin on our fingertips surrendered forever.

Thankfully, we can choose a different attitude: one of humility, curiosity, and persistence.

With humility, we can accept responsibility for our failure.

With curiosity, we can begin asking questions and gathering clues.

And with persistence, these clues form a compass: guiding us toward our greatest opportunity for improvement.

Sometimes, shit happens.

But more often than not, with the right attitude, failure guides the way.