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Watch and learn

Kids don’t need walking lessons.

If they spend a reasonable amount of time outside, they get pretty good at running too.

Leaping, hopping, rolling, throwing… they don’t need a coach for any of these things. And they don’t need them described on the internet. They grow up watching the bigger kids, try for themselves, and figure it out.

As adults we pick things apart; take control of the wheel; try to think our way to improvement. We underestimate the aptitude of our unconscious minds. We may even get in the way.

“Muscle memory” is brilliant, but it doesn’t speak english.

When was the last time you really watched other climbers, noticing every detail?

How they move, when they breath, where they look…

Not judging. Not describing. Just noticing.

Pretend you’re a kid, and spend more time watching. Let your unconscious do the learning part.