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10-year blocks

A friend of mine decided to become an ER doctor relatively late in life. He left his career and began a 10-year journey through medical school at age 38.

10-years. If all goes well, you’ll get to be a doctor before you’re 50.

Today at age 61, after more than a decade of doing the work he once dreamed of, he thinks of those years of schooling as the best investment he’s ever made. He’s ready to retire and move on to something new. He figures he has another twenty good years left.

Most of us feel stuck with our chosen career path. In reality, we have enough time to completely change our minds many times over.

How far have you come in the last 10 years? And how different might your life look 10 years from now if you went back to the starting line and headed off in a new direction?

10-years as an artist, chasing a crazy dream…

10-years as an entrepreneur, building something that matters…

10-years as an athlete, pursuing an impossible goal…

Most of us have many 10-year blocks ahead of us. And in this age of opportunity and abundance, we also get to decide what we do with them.