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“It worked so well I stopped doing it.”

An odd behavioral pattern that most of us fall victim to from time to time.

The meditation practice,

The gratitude journaling, 

The daily yoga,

The warmup routine,

The fingerboard hangs,

The evening PT,

The things that when done with intention day after day, seem to move the needle…

…that we somehow forget.

Inevitably at some point we miss a day. Two simple rules to keep doing what works: 

Rule #1: If you miss one day, never miss twice. Missing a day is an accident. Missing two days is the start of a new habit. (credit James Clear, Atomic Habits.)

Rule #2: Write a note to your future self: “KEEP DOING THIS. IT WORKS.”

It doesn’t matter how much conviction we feel right now. Without a consistent habit and pointed reminders, our future selves are prone to forget even the most profound and life-changing discoveries.