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Two decisions

First, decide that you will reach your goal, no matter what.

Second, decide to put forth extraordinary effort to make your goal happen.

The idea is not to become a dreamer—to wander around with your head in the clouds.

Nor is this unwavering faith a substitute for responsibility and ownership. It’s still up to you to make change happen.

The idea is to make the rest of your decisions easier.

Because I am going to reach this implausible goal, I can’t afford to let this setback stall my efforts. I will find a way around this injury/conflict/obstacle.

You’ve already decided where you’re going, and that you’ll do anything to get there. All that’s left in this moment is to pick your next step.

Whether you ever reach the goal is irrelevant. 

By making these two decisions, you’re simply ensuring that you’re on the right journey.

Hat tip to Hal Elrod.