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The thought radio

…the unexpected car payment…

…the frustrating exchange with your boss…

…the argument you had today with your partner…

It is the unresolved thoughts that cycle through our minds at two o’clock in the morning and keep us awake.

Cycling like a radio with a broken dial. 

And so we ignore them. Or we use meditation to turn down the volume on our thought radio.

But these thoughts are trying to tell us something. Until they’ve been resolved, they won’t go away.

Instead of ignoring/quieting a thought, we can try giving it our full attention:

Hello Mr. Financial Worry, I’m listening. What is it you would like me to hear?

Hello Mr. Work Stress…

Hello Mr. Relationship Trouble…

Take as long as you need, repeating with each thought as necessary.

Once acknowledged and listened to, their chattering will cease.

And sleep will come.

Hat tip to Safi Bahcall