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Limits vs. status vs. self-esteem

If I lived in the early 1980s and climbed as hard as I do now, I’d be the best rock climber in the world.

Today I am lucky if I can outclimb the kids on the local climbing team. 

Same grades, different status. 

It’s true on a regional level as well – I have higher status when I climb at Smith where there are fewer people climbing at or above my level, than when I climb in Rifle where people climb 5.14 every day.

Limits change between places and status changes with it.

Which is why our self-esteem must be linked to more than our climbing status.

We (and everyone around us) come out ahead when we expand our self-esteem beyond the climbing-status game. 

When we link our self-esteem to being the most supportive belayer we can be, to being welcoming to visiting climbers, and to giving back to the sport we love, everyone wins.