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Unexpected opportunities

Two years ago I started selling camping mugs on the internet.

My goal was to try something new and to see if I could generate some passive income that would one day support me on a road trip.

The business has only been marginally successful, providing a small trickle of profit that I can use to buy gas for the van.

But the opportunities that have come from the experience have been invaluable.

I learned a skill set that I can now market to friends and peers building and managing Amazon listings for their products and businesses.

I learned how to work with freelancers to design graphics.

I developed the confidence to eventually put out creative content that felt much more personal, and risky.

I started this blog, a podcast, and began work on a book.

And it all started with selling camp mugs.

When we put ourselves out there, the universe opens up.

Unexpected opportunities begin to present themselves everywhere we turn.

The leap you are thinking of making is worth it because it doesn’t have to work.

It just has to lead you to whatever comes next.