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Teleporting would be awesome

Imagine it:

Wake up in your comfortable bed—breakfast and coffee with your parents or siblings—climbing at your favorite cliff—lunch with a friend—back to the crag—dinner with someone you like—bounce over to the hotel hot tub—back to sleep in your own bed…

But teleporting doesn’t exist. At least not yet. 

So in the meantime, we have to split our time up in chunks. 

An extra trip home to show our family we care. 

Going out of our way to connect with an old friend to support them in a time of change. 

Driving a little farther for the climbing that fills you up inside. 

Driving even further back to share quality time with someone who is special to you. 

Teleporting doesn’t exist. So we have to choose thoughtfully. 

Then, once we’ve made our choice, we can choose to be there fully. 

Not distracted by the countless other places we could be. 

Not worried about what we are missing out on. 

Here and now, wherever we are.