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Exercise vs. training

They’re not the same thing.

Exercise is something we do right now for an immediate result—to burn off calories or clear a busy mind.

Training is done strategically over time to achieve a goal—to improve at something specific.

The problem comes when we confuse the two:

  • When we think feeling wrecked is the sign of a good training session.
  • Or when we measure success by how sweaty we got, or how close we came to throwing up.

Two metrics worth paying attention to if you are focused on training:

  1. Did you follow the plan? (Today, this week, this month, this year)
  2. Is it making you better?

Nothing wrong with exercise if that’s what you want to do. 

Just understand it’s not training, except maybe in Hollywood. 

“If you want pain, learn Muay Thai. If you want to learn about failure, play golf. If you want to vomit, drink syrup of ipecac. If you want to become stronger and more fit, train appropriately.” – Brian Petty